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News Round-up

16th January 2017

Basic Payment 2016

  • RPA paid 91% of eligible farmers in December. Some of these payments were to cases where more work is still to be done (for example, farmers whose queries about their BPS 2015 payment are still to be resolved). RPA are now working through these outstanding payments and are contacting (by letter or email) the businesses affected with an explanation.
  • RPA will be writing to the businesses who have not been paid yet in the next couple of weeks to explain:
  • why they haven’t been able to make payment yet
  • what will happen next
  • what to do if you require additional financial support
  • RPA are working to pay everyone by the end of March 2017. However, due to the nature of certain claims, it won’t be possible to do this in every circumstance. RPA will be in contact again at that point.
  • If your payment isn’t the amount you were expecting check it against the claim statement (RPA will begin to send Claim Statements out from February).

Environmental Stewardship and Countryside Stewardship Payments

  • These are being processed and payed at the moment with Natural England aiming to have all ES and CS payments made by the end of January.

Basic Payment 2017

  • RPA have confirmed that “How to Apply” guidance to be available online before the end of January. Paper application guidance to be available from next week. Hints & Tips to be included in “How to Apply”, but a separate/evolving document also to be produced before applications go “Live”.

Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant Scheme

  • Last calls are being made for the FARG scheme – applications must be in by the end of January 2017
  • If you’re a dairy and/or beef farmer in England you can apply for the Farming Ammonia Reduction Grant (FARG) scheme.
  • The scheme offers grants at 100% of the standard rate offered through Countryside Stewardship to pay for slurry store covers along with one-to-one advice from a farm adviser on ways you can reduce ammonia emissions and conserve nitrogen which could increase the efficiency of the farm system.
Item Payment
Self-supporting covers for slurry stores £61/m²
Floating covers for slurry stores and lagoons £11.20/m²

Wooland Creation Grant Scheme

  • Apply from 3 January 2017 to 1 March 2017
  • Standalone capital grant under Countryside Stewardship
  • 2 year works programme to plant and protect young trees (up to £6800/ha). Subject to eligibility, a supporting maintenance grant of £200 per hectare for 10 years may also be available.
  • Range of capital items as part of woodland creation grant – one-off payments towards the cost of certain items or activities, e.g. planting trees (£1.28 / tree) or erecting new fencing (Sheep Netting £4.90)

In order to be eligible, generally the following thresholds must be met:

  • minimum area per application 3ha
  • minimum block size 0.5ha
  • minimum width of 20m

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