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Rural Payments Agency

14th November 2017

RPA Contact with You

RPA want to stay connected with you so that they can contact you with important information e.g. new grants, reminders about application windows, or letting you know about the latest scheme guidance (FYI: Cross compliance is due before January).

They are asking everyone who’s registered on Rural Payments (businesses, agents and individuals) to check that we have the most up to date, valid email address on record, for you personally and for your business. This should be a current email address that is checked regularly. A valid email address is one that we can send an email to, and one that can receive an email.

They will only email you from a few specific email addresses:

RPA Helpline: and/or
Rural Payments Agency updates:
Rural Payments Service updates:

You should add these to your contacts lists so that you will always receive the updates. If you have anything you think is suspicious don’t open the email and contact the RPA directly.

Contact Us

For more information, please call us on 01434 607028 or contact us online.

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